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Established 1895

Angus USDA Certified Grass Fed Beef

Local Texas Beef! Contact us at Midkiff IV Ranch.


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The Ranch




Our Products

Texas Angus Grass Fed Beef

What is Angus and UltraBlack

Angus Breed originated in Scottland. 

Two Basic Cattle Classifications:

 Cattle can be divided into two basic classifications, Bos taurus (non-humped) and Bos indicus (humped, also called Zebu). Cattle are not native to the western hemi­sphere. The Bos taurus in the United States originated in the British Isles and western continental Europe. The Bos indicus arose in south central Asia.

Angus (Bos Taurus) are characterized among other itmes to have typical prime and choice beef cut grades.  Research can be found at usda and …….   And to

Ultrablack® cattle were first recognized in March of 2013. They are the product of breeding a registered Brangus to a registered Angus. To be recognized by the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) as an Ultrablack®, the animal must have between 50 and 87.5 percent Brangus genetics and the remaining percentage must be of registered Angus lineage.

Popular breeds in Texas


Our Grassfed Beef

What is Grassfed Beef

What do we mean by "grass-fed" meat?

There are many misleading labels in the food industry.  Just because a label states that meat is "free range," "natural," "organic," "lean," "heart friendly", "select," "choice," or "prime" doesn't mean that it's actually grass-fed.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture considers grain-fed and organic meat to be "natural" meat products.  In most cases those nice sounding meat products have been grain-fed, grain-supplemented, or grain-finished.  In the same vein, some producers think that if their cattle are on pasture and are fed "only a little" grain as a "supplementation" they still qualify for the grass-fed label.  Not so in our book!  But the USDA's rule book is more lenient.

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Angus Grass Fed Beef

$7.49 per pound hanging weight

972 424 2332

Wagyu Beef

$10 per pound Hanging Weight

972 424 2332
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Product sample _edited.jpg

Akaushi Beef

$9.00 per pound hanging weight

972 424 2332

The Process

Select an available process Date.

Determine Purchase Size.

Contact us to arrange deposit.

Complete the Cut card and provide to us.

Submit remaining balance to us when process weight is determined.

Pick up the Packaged Beef from the Butcher and pay processing when notified by us.

Our price for Angus Grass Fed Beef is $7.49 per lb. of hanging weight plus processing costs.  We collect a $500 deposit per half carcass through check or cash or PayPall as soon as beef is requested and reserve the beef upon receipt.  We collect the balance of the $7.49 per lb. after we deliver the animal to the processor and receive a hanging weight from them.  Our customers contact the processor and specify their choices of cuts, dry aging period, and packaging.  After the dry aging, the processor converts the hanging carcass into cuts, packages and labels the meat, and freezes it.  Our customer then picks up the frozen meat and pays the processing fee directly to the processor.


We are selling animals that are from 18 to 24 mos. old and weight around 900 lbs.  The hanging carcass weight is typically 60% of the live weight or an average of about 540 lbs.  The payment to us on a 540 lb. hanging weight would be $4,044.60 per animal or $2,022.30 per half carcass.  The processing is typically around another $1 per lb. of hanging weight, an average of $540.  This would come to a total cost per whole animal of $4584.60.  The packaged meat yield varies depending on the cuts requested, the amount of bone removed, etc., but it averages around 65% of the hanging weight.  In this example it would come to 351 lbs. which would be $11.52 per lb. of packaged meat.  Since this includes all of the higher priced cuts such as tenderloin and rib-eye, it is an excellent value compared to buying by the cut.  Additionally, the value of healthy, nutrient dense food is immeasurable.


Our Breeds

Angus and Ultra Black


Why angus?

Angus genetics have provided for Higher marbling and grading.



Texas allows sales of cattle to multiple parties for processing.  The producer(us) receives payment for the livestock and delivers the livestock to the processor.  The purchaser pays the processor and retrieves the packaged beef.

We now have USDA inspected cuts available (by the halves only)

Meat that was slaughtered and processed under custom exempt may only be consumed by the owner of the live animal, his/her family, or non-paying guests. When animals are slaughtered and processed under custom exempt conditions, no inspection of the carcass or parts occurs, thus the owner of the live animal assumes some degree of risk associated with consuming the meat. If an animal is going to be eaten by four different individuals (sold as quarters or half-of-a-half), then all four individuals must own the live animal prior to slaughter. The owner(s) of the live animal, who should have documentation of ownership, needs to pay the processing fees to the processor. Custom exempt slaughter and processing is under USDA-FSIS jurisdiction. Every package of meat produced under custom exempt conditions must clearly be marked NOT FOR SALE. This meat cannot be sold or donated to anyone.


Grass fed beef

no GMO

no Hormones

No Antibiotic.

If a cow needs Antibiotic, we remove it from the offering.

What are antibiotics and cattle effect.


No Growth Hormones or Hormones used at Midkiff Ranch.



No Genetically Modified Organism GMO

 genetically modified organism, or GMO, is an organism that has had its DNA altered or modified in some way through genetic engineering.


Refer to:

It has been determined that the human body and the bodies of all animals require an appropriate balance of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the diet in order to promote optimal body function.  The balance of EFAs in the foods animals eat is critical because animal bodies cannot manufacture the essential fatty acids.  The EFAs can only come from food, and if the ratio of fatty acids in the overall diet is out of balance the body cannot compensate for the deficiencies or surpluses.

Two key EFAs are the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.  Scientific experiments have determined that when the ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids in the diet exceeds 4:1, people develop chronic diseases (body failures).  That's why knowing the fatty acid ratio of the food in your overall diet is very important.  Grain-fed beef can have up to a 20:1 ratio.  That's because the corn they eat has a 30:1 ratio!  The ratio for grass-fed beef is around 1:1.  These ratios are similar for all grain-fed versus grass-fed meat, poultry, and dairy products.



USDA Certified Grass Fed Beef

Recipient FLH(Family Land Heritage) Midkiff Ranch, 1895 (inducted 2004)


Thomas O. Midkiff IV,  Janice Midkiff Durham, Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs

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Member TSCRA

Texas and sw cattle.jpg


We are Beef Quality Assurance  Certified
What is BQA.
Beef Quality Assurance is a national program that raises consumer confidence through offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.


Customer Locations

Deep in the heart of cow country

Midkiff IV Ranch is a multi-generational Ranch serving the people of Central Texas.  We have a location in Midkiff Texas also.  Our ranch heritage dates back to the 1800s, We were the first Midland County Heritage Ranch recognized for 100 years of continued operation.  We have served Grass Fed Beef to: Milano, Carrollton, Taylor, Washington County, New Braunfels, Brenham, Granger, Georgetown, San Antonio, College Station, Round Rock, Allen, Helotes, Midkiff, Forney, Odessa, Cameron, San Saba, Bulverde, Spring Branch, Houston


Customer Reviews



We had such a great experience with Thomas and Midkiff Ranch. We decided to buy half of a cow and Thomas was so helpful - he helped us pick the best cuts and delivered them plus a freezer personally in less than a week. He was always super transparent and consistent with communication.


Everything we have eaten so far has been absolutely amazing, and such a massive difference compared to store bought or anything online ordered - it’s really leveled up our meals and we look forward to dinner every night. We really appreciate the wholesome and quality approach to cattle raising and love buying from others who feel the same. Best decision we have made!

--Marissa Portillo


Outstanding, I'm hooked. We did a roast 2 nites ago.  The hardest part is pacing myself. I want to cook it all!

--Oscar Acosta


We have enjoyed the angus beef, has the almost perfect amount of fat, it has been tender and delicious 

--Eduardo Garcia  

Flavor unlike store purchased feedlot beef.   - Anonymous  3/1/2022

Come on Out to the Ranch!

692 County Road 331C
Milano, TX 76556


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